About us

About us

CREDO – Centre for Rural Empowerment & Development organization is an NGO that aims to uplift the lives of the underprivileged. We are a mission-driven organization working towards the socio-economic development of various strata of the society including farmers, rural youth, school children, and women. With our calculative approach, we cater to diverse thematic areas including women empowerment, skill development programs, quality healthcare support, youth empowerment, and collaborative farming model, and biodiversity conservation.

We work to support the mission of local to global by providing technology and skill development programs that help people, especially youth in their entrepreneurial journey and build a base of rural entrepreneurs. Our team is working towards its mission of transforming communities by developing entrepreneurial skills in youth from mixed socio-economic backgrounds.

Our core working area is to uplift the ability of the farmer to make them perform all the tasks in their respective fields and provide a platform for solving their concerns pertaining to farming. Our experts will serve the farmers with the required knowledge that farmers for helping them sustain themselves in modern times via various integrated training programs. Our main focus area is to double the income of the farmer and support them in battling poverty, healthcare concerns, illiteracy, and other development programs. We proactively work in sync with the farmers with the objective of coming up with solutions for the challenges that farmers are currently facing. We foster human resources for biodiversity conservation to safeguard the planet Earth. Our team provides infrastructure, education, communication, and experimental support for developing village sanitation, hygiene systems, and clean water supply.

We conduct various science and technology programs for school children by providing a platform to showcase their hidden talent in science education. We make them understand with our experiments the real-life applications of various scientific approaches and inculcate fun and interest in their minds.

Our Mission

Concern about Our Mission

We are driven by the mission of helping the underprivileged and deprived community. Keeping this mission in the mind we work for the betterment of the farmers, weaker sections of the society, school children, and various sections of the community that need help and motivation to realize their full potential. Our integrated programs cater to farmers, women, school children and make them discover their potential for action and change. We work to empower the farmers and make them aware of various technologies.

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To develop and support an ideal mechanism for society especially deprived sections, with the commitment for sustainable livelihood and improved quality of life which is achieved through various integrated development programs and effective application of local resources in bonding with the community.

Our goal is to work for the betterment of the underprivileged especially the farmers, school children, women, youth and senior citizen and foster confidence, mission, and vision in them to enhance their optimal capacity for the betterment of their future and society as a whole.