What We Do

“For a good deed, help the one in need”

We at CREDO are driven by the above acronym, and right from our inception, we have undertaken various activities for the development of the underprivileged. With our well-calculated approach, we cater to diverse thematic areas including women empowerment, farming, bio-diversity conversion, agro services to farmers, health care support, integrated farming model, and various skill development programs.

We are the first organization to kick-start the collaborative farming model in some selected scheduled caste and scheduled tribe locations.

Integrated farming and Livestock conservation

Sustainable integrated farming is a system that focuses on enhancing farm productivity by increasing diversification, resource integration, and creating market linkages. Our team is helping many small and marginal farm families belonging to the schedule caste and schedule tribe community of surrounding villages of Tarangpat Loukol near Kakmayai village of Thoubal district, Manipur. With the help of integrated farming mechanisms, small farmers can increase their returns and can adopt the state of the art technology to enhance the quality of their produce.

With the help of an integrated farming mechanism, the farmers can increase their income and avail benefits that include enhanced productivity and profitability. Our life stock conservation programs educate the farmers to conserve farm animals. Our staff conducts workshops and other educational programs to increase the awareness among the farmers about the methods to protect and keep their livestock healthy and disease-free.

Livestock is the major capital reserve of farming households and in general, increases the economic viability and sustainability of farming mechanisms. Our team implements key practices to improve the sustainability of livestock management and conservation.

Science outreach program

CREDO understands the importance of science and technology in the tech-savvy world. In our initiative to enhance the interest of school children in the rural areas for science and related topics, our team conducts various science outreach programs for creating awareness on the importance of science education in the scheduled caste and tribal populated schools of kakching and Chandel district of Manipur under the sponsorship of the department of science and technology, NCSTC division, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India.

We conducted a science equipment demonstration and exhibition of science model and interaction sessions to convey to the school children how science plays a key role in the development of the country and world as a whole. Also, our team members educate the school children of the various real-life applications of scientific concepts in an interesting manner so that they apprehend the concepts well. Our main aim is to promote curiosity about science among the school children and ignite the imagination in them.

Youth engagement program

Youth is the pillar of any country and thus it is important that they are provided with proper direction to enable them to have a good living. Our team makes sure that the youth of Manipur have access to skill training programs so that they get a decent job to sustain their living. We conducted many short-term life skills training program during the pandemic and taught the rural youth about the skills of goal setting, financial management, mental and emotional health, and communication.

We strive to bring the mindset change in the young minds and work to provide a livelihood to the underprivileged youth. We follow Inform – Involve and Empower approach.

We inform youth about issues and concerns affecting their daily lives, involve them in all the programs of their own personality development, and empower them by imparting life skills and exposures by providing them with opportunities to grow and develop their full potential. With proper guidance, mission, and vision, the underprivileged youth can develop entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to lead a better and successful life ahead.

Women Empowerment and Livelihood Program

CREDO aims to nourish women by empowering them. Our women empowerment and livelihood program aims to empower them with skills and knowledge so that they earn a livelihood with dignity. Our entire team is driven by the vision of a world where all women, in particular from underprivileged backgrounds enjoy equal rights as that of men, enjoy economic independent and earn with dignity.

Our first priority is to educate women and instill confidence in them and prepare them for the change. We provide a short-term skill enhancement training program of candle making and locally available fruit and spices processing unit which is helpful to increase their income generation and boost their self-confidence. We focus on their skill development and capability enhancement, improving their living standard and livelihood so as to eradicate poverty and make them self-reliant.

Our self-help group will help the poor village women by providing them with bold livelihood options that boost women’s economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families. Our motto is to give wings to underprivileged women and help them fly high to achieve their dreams.

Promotion of Handloom and Handicraft Products

Handloom and handicraft is the largest cottage industry in the Manipur state. A labour-intensive family occupation, all the members of the family can participate. Most of the handloom weavers and handicraft artisans are self-employed artisans and carry out their profession from their homes. But, due to a lack of awareness of the new technology, easy access to marketing platforms and information, the artisans are not able to earn a good income.
We at CREDO focus on marketing platforms and branding of their products so that the artisans can earn good income from handloom and handicraft products.
Our short-term training programs educate the local artisans on how they can employ new technology to create the products easily and at less cost. We help to provide an e-market platform for enabling the artisans to market their products easily to any place of the globe. We have supported more than 250 artisans by providing raw materials and help them to get artisan identity card from development commissioner (Handicraft) Govt. of India. So far we provide more than 700 artisan card to the weaver and artisans as well as we provide training and awareness support to rural weavers and handicrafts artisans especially kouna craft, bamboo craft, cocoon craft and pottery artisans of the rural villages of Manipur.

Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program

CREDO works to provide comprehensive guidance and counselling to the various sections of the underprivileged in Manipur. Mental health is an important aspect to be taken into account for the overall development of the person. If the person losses confidence and become depressed they will not be able to pursue any good for themselves and their family.

At CREDO, we have expert counsellors who guide people who are depressed, confused about what to do, and have witnessed failure and lost hope. Our counselling programs are designed to help such people to develop confidence in them, guide them towards the correct path of life, and prepare them to face difficulties with confidence.

Our team members provide comprehensive guidance to women, students, and youth and motivate them to dream high and work to transpire their dreams to reality. Our main aim is to bring people out of their depressed state of mind and counsel them to give their best to pursue their dreams.

Food processing & Technology

As a part of the entrepreneurship and capacity-building program, CREDO conducted a fish processing and fruits & vegetable processing training program in Manipur. Our short-term training program covered more than 120 numbers of women including Self-help group members of various villages of Manipur. The main aim of this program is to reduce the consumption of health hazards of dried smoked fish as well as enhance the skill of unorganised sector of food industry.

We encouraged the young trainees to establish their own fish processing unit to generate double income as well as to enhance the skills and boost the productivity of dried fish. Our program provides training to the rural underprivileged youth, women, and men to create a pool of self-reliant people who cater for skilled manpower in the fast-emerging services of the food industry.

Our main aim is to develop an independent and self-sustainable for the rural people and turn them into micro-entrepreneurs via food processing training and awareness programs in core domain skills.

A complete unit that can take care of end-to-end processing requires a skilled team of workers who are aware of all aspects of food safety norms, compliance standards, and regulations and hygiene. All these standards are to be adhered to avoid losses in packaging and transportation. Often there is a tendency to depend on the middlemen to ease up the process, however, if the people are trained well about the process of the fish and other fruit and vegetable processing unit, it can be well managed and controlled by them without any need of the interference of the middlemen. This will result in a doubling of their income and productivity. As of now we are expanding our support to the schedule tribe and schedule caste dominated villages so that they can also access the market platform as well as skill training program of our organisation.

Entrepreneurship development Program

The Entrepreneurship development program of CREDO prepares the youth, women, and young trainees for entrepreneurial activities by preparing and moulding them on various facets of business that include costing, pricing, profit management quality management, packaging, material management, and systematic approaches.

The team of CREDO operates on a 3 tier program to inculcate entrepreneur qualities in the underprivileged section of the society and that includes via

1. Exciting: Our team conducted a fish processing and other fruits and vegetables processing training program and established a model unit to minimize the consumption of health hazards of dried smoke fish of Manipur. The program trains the rural underprivileged women, youth, and men to create a pool of self-reliant people who cater for skilled manpower in the fast-emerging services of the food industry. It also helps to stimulate the enterprising attitude among them.

2. Counselling: Our team provides counselling and consultancy in Manipur for youth, women, and men who want to establish their own venture. We help in preparing the project report, feasibility report, aid in purchasing plant and machinery, and perform other procedural activities.

3. Help: Helping the target groups in marketing their products and help them in securing finance from financial institutions.

Our programs propose skill up-gradation of the rural population, their capacity building, and inculcate self-confidence in them to set up a venture and work on it with an optimistic approach.

Health Care Support

Health is wealth and during pandemic times we very well understand how important health and hygiene are to a person. Most of the time, people in rural areas tend to neglect health-related matters and become vulnerable to dreadful diseases.

CREDO aims at promoting public health and preventing the spread of dangerous health risks. CREDO in collaboration with the various district health centre conducted public health intervention and awareness program to increase to create awareness of health issues, the importance of hygiene and sanitation, and bring about long-lasting behavioural changes and instant support to the rural areas. Our team educated people in rural areas importance of maintaining cleanliness, created health awareness, collected databases, distributed general medicines, and did health screening. CREDO’s health care support provides health screening or health awareness programs from time to time. Keeping this aim in our mind we have tied up with the ASHA workers of all the districts so that we can help those who need assistance and support.

Skilling And Training

Skills are the key to enhance employability and livelihood opportunities, reduce poverty, boost productivity and promote environmentally sustainable development. Coordinated efforts blended with an integrated approach are required to improve access to relevant, good-quality education and training for all underprivileged individuals.

In order to make underprivileged men, youth, and women self-sufficient, it is important that to impart skills to them. Our skill and training program is designed to provide the stakeholders with the targeted training they need to gain the knowledge and abilities required to pursue jobs. Our team members teach rural youth about the skills of goal setting, financial management, mental and emotional health, timekeeping, and communication. We also address important areas like teamwork, leadership, and the strength of the individual. Our short-term course is very helpful to the entry-level access to the job market for youths. We provide them with in-depth training with expert trainers as well as peer to peer learning and prepare them for the job market.

Our skill and training program aims to integrate skills development into the rural development policies and strategies, such as agricultural policies, entrepreneurial policies, and private sector development. We access the labour market needs and economic opportunities and link training to the skills needed in the particular rural context and inculcate relevant skills to the youth, men, and women that will help them in the job acumen

Agro Services To Farmer And Collaborative Farming

Agro-based services to the farmer and collaborative farming Most of the farmers in rural areas are not aware of innovative farming techniques and government policies and end up selling their produce at a low rate in the market. CREDO provides agro-based services to rural farmers by helping them get proper training and agricultural tools required for their livelihood.

Our team provides farmers with seeds and vermin-compost and trains them to prepare vermin-compost and other field-related activities. Our programs are designed to educate small and marginal farmers about new techniques of farming and to become a voice to their problems thereby finding solutions to their issues.

Our skill development and training programs focus on enhancing the ability of the farmers to perform the task by providing ample knowledge about various aspects of farming. With collaborative farming, farmers can bring together their resources and work together for mutual benefits.

We encourage the farmers to share their resources like skills, knowledge of farming practices, labour and equipment, land, ideas, and other infrastructure for mutual benefits. Our main aim is to double the income of the farmers of Manipur and enable them to have a sustainable livelihood.